Design § imaginary

Carré d’Art, Nîmes
Université de Nîmes (PROJEKT) & Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 (IRSACRI)
8 octobre 2014

The esthetics of the erasure, Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc

We live in environments saturated of things, in which, in a paradoxical way, we get loose from the design of object which is our culture. Our report in the luxury, in the culture, in the others, lives on more and more playful modes. The digital design speaks and dictates us a relation in the time always faster, a relation in the screen always more prégnante. A new relation in things invents by resting every day of new unknowns in the equation of the design. The artists are the first ones to have to question the space, the disappearance, in reaction to the technological evolutions of all kinds. If the designer has for rival the virtual, the reality obliges us to imagine pleasant scenarios by associating material and new features. The imagination of art professions languishes by the absence of a breath of modernity, and the imagination of the digital world seems to forget that there is in our expectations, a natural thirst, literally, that the material wears in its DNA. The meeting of this 2 imagination, the logics of which are respectively dedicated to objects and to services, are able to grow rich of values of authenticity, shared by both. The material, the touch, the know-how, could be for the meeting of these two universes which meet, which rub themselves, to formulate a criticism is positive towards the connected object: objects connected for assisted intelligence, autonomy or heteronomy? The intervention of the designer will redefine by the experience, associated with the mater : for what features, what materialities, which relationships in time, which relationships in the space ?