Valli e Valli - Assa Abloy

« We open the door to relaxation »

Valli e Valli is an iconic Italian brand internationally renowned for its collaborations with the greatest names in architecture and design. When Carlo Valli contacted the Studio JBSB, which is recognized for its work in the art of tableware, the studio was presented with a new challenge.

"Certain tools, rudimentary or sophisticated, possess an extraordinary dignity, a noble presence,a formal rigeur that transcends function and marketing. It becomes almost a form o animism, a complex identity that enriches the relationship with the object's use." A. Branzi, Nouvelles de la métropole froide.

Studio JBSB is able to anticipate industrial constraints thanks to its experience with steel: mastering, polishing and manipulating the material. The implementation of a model of this nature necessitates important investments. The success of a collection

Life cycle
A door handle is an important element in the architecture of a space. It is an object that invites the passage, but it is a subject that defies time.

The conception to design this collection was as an architecture which invites for a passage. Fedra collection is a tribute to Eduardo Chillida for the twisting of his drawing that accompanies the gesture and transmits through the thickness of the handle, the signs of trust as a simple and effective function.