"Your stylish and sustainable lighting"

This collection revisits the notion of lighting associated with OLEDs, by placing the light structure within borosilicate glass. Architecture, lighting transparency and technology are the key elements that describe this project. Blackbody has created an innovative new family of lighting structures for their catalogue in order to expand into new markets that so far have been inaccessible to the brand's existing products.

OLEDs were developed using the latest nanotechnologies. From a structural point of view an OLED is a flat source of illumination that resembles a sheet of light. It is composed of a thin molecular layer of organic material that produces a white or monochromatic light when an electrical current is applied.

The OLED can be recycled directly into a municipality's regular recycling system, making it one of the most environmentally friendly lighting sources.

The OLED is one of the most efficient lighting sources of today. Studio JBSB has combined two technologically opposite matrices using a single material, glass. This innovative collection presents a completely new lighting system, sleek and vibration-free.

QUADRUPLE FUGUE is a work composed in four colors, like a stage setting of sheets of light that are asymmetrical and disordered in terms of size and colors. QUADRUPLE FUGUE is an abstraction, like Kupka's array, a vertical partition for free-form tones of color. JBSB Studio has created a transparent structure with no other intention than to emphasize the formal forms of the quadrangular Pixel Turbines from Blackbody.