CUB-AR has developed a unique know-how and develops high-end products. In 2011, Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc presented the exhibition "Un Regard d’Obsidienne" (“A Look at Obsidian”) at the Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier.

Fascinated by this material, which came to light four million years ago, Studio JBSB asked twelve designers to bring a contemporary look to this exceptional stone through original creations limited to eight copies. This was a result of his meeting Michel der Agobian from cub-ar.

Obsidian, which comes from Armenia, is a volcanic rock that is rich in silica. During the Lithic stage (in the late Pleistocene), obsidian was preferred to silica. The material for the vase made by Studio JBSB was created almost two million years ago. Obsidian from Armenia is the only translucent obsidian in the world.

Cub-ar combines unique knowledge and techniques to develop products of the highest quality. Studio JBSB organized this exhibition to question how this material might be used in the contemporary world. Hard and sharp, its fracture is conchoidal and it ranks high on the Mohs hardness scale: 5.5. It can scratch glass.

"A nearly perfect chaos" gives poetic meaning to the vase and shows off the perfection of this natural material.

The Egyptians at the time of the Pharaohs used obsidian for its value, its beauty and its mystery. It was Ancient Rome (from 750 B.C. to 500 A.D.) that made it fashionable in the West, when a person by the name of Obsius brought it from Ethiopia and gave it his name.