Catholic Church of Vosges

The project decided upon is based upon the contemporary architecture of CNIT and the stained glass windows of Gabriel Loire, to celebrate a space of light and prayer. Studio JBSB took on this project with enthusiasm.

The altar, inspired by the trinity, is a space of sharing and communion. It outlines a mineral form like a stone immerged in the heart of the design.

Obsidian is the oldest material to be used by humankind. In Armenia, its use dates back from the end of the Paleolithic age and was used until the Bronze Age. The obsidian here is pared with a mineral resin that gives the entire look a spiritual fullness that transcends the material world.

Glass is omnipresent in the Notre-Dame au Cierge church. The choice of materials, obsidian, and Himacs, was based upon the contrast of light and dark in the church. The transparence of the obsidian, a natural glass, outlines a cross made of light and an infinite depth on the furnishings made of Himacs, which gives a soft, silky light.

Studio JBSB has created welcoming and sober forms, structured by outlines that trace the cross.