Emaux de Longwy, since 1798


The culture of the brand and the nature of its materials are its hallmark, while creativity and innovation form a blend with the cultural values unique brand.

Studio JBSB has been inspired by the sphere as an entity so that we can create by optical illusion an unprecedented and unique perception of this imposing shape. The theme of the four elements has been chosen as a tribute to the brand's philosophy.

The technique of Emaux de Longwy is very precise; it starts with printing the outline of the design in a very thin black paint and then filling each cell with a coloured enamel. This is a manual technique performed by a skilled craftsman and necessitates perfect mastery to be accurate.

Studio JBSB has proposed a project of handcrafted design, with requirements, as well as technical and aesthetic aims, that are identical to those of industrial design. The Emaux de Longwy have a density and thickness of extraordinary strength.

Studio JBSB approached this project by working on the sphere, the emblematic shape of the brand. The true function of the vase is hidden behind an illusion of topographical holes that serve to create ambiguity in the design.