Hermès was founded in 1837 to produce leather good equestrian products and saddlery. Since then it is a name that has become synonymous with quality and style, bringing to its customers the very best in fashion. What makes the Hermès collection unique is its attention to detail.

What makes the Hermès collection unique is its attention to detail. The goal of Studio JBSB was to design diversified elements that reinforce the image. A brand's territories are at the same time very defined and very complex. The elements of a statement of work are rich and Studio JBSB must create a conception of these diverse elements that reinforces the image of the Hermes Brand.

One of the constructive and characteristic elements of architecture is a steel profile best known under the abbreviation IPN. By reading the profile used here one can make a subtle signature, H as in Hermès.

Studio JBSB best takes advantage of the possibilities of the process of steelworking; for this project the material is set while the steel is still hot. The quality of the polish is remarkable, notably in the recessed areas of the profile.

Life Cycle
Silverware is both a part of our heritage and a social product. The harmony of this collection comes from the intimate link between eloquence, the subtle signature, and the product's function.

The unity of this « tool » comes from the link that exists between the function and the use. The design of the handle becomes thinner toward the end of the fork, the spoon or the knife to wed the curves of the tool with the curves of the hand. The Onde collection is functional down to the millimeter, with an optimized weight and an ergonomic form.