"Since 1898, Luxury Fragrances for your home"

Dedicated to improving your indoor atmosphere and to this day they continue to meet your needs in providing you with purer air at home. The leader in innovations for air care, cleanses the room air by destroying unwanted odors and providing long-lasting fragrance, due to its exclusive diffusion system.

Lampe Berger is developing a new collection to launch in collaboration with Studio JBSB, to revitalise their catalogue but building on the existing values and identity of the brand.

The history of Lampe Berger is rooted in the collective unconscious of French culture as a symbol. Studio JBSB has focused on the history of the brand to create this new collection in the sphere of decoration and fragrance.

Studio JBSB considers all factors linked to the notion of use by tailoring each project in terms of certain operating constraints, such as: container size in relation to package, the ventilation of the catalyst and use of materials that are not flammable and are alcohol-resistant.

JBSB Studio follows the complete design process from start to finish for every prototype and every accessory to circumvent technical constraints in terms of shape, materials and effects, textures and colors.

Life cycle
A Lampe Berger is a collector's item. Studio JBSB extends the embedded concepts to optimize the consistency of the collection. These stylish lamps make use of the signature materials of the brand, ceramics and glass.