Orfèvrerie de France


Orfèvrerie de France was established in the region of Nogent in Bassigny, which is known for its cutlery. This project began from the premise that many companies that focus on cutlery, address issues of branding and forget the traditional relationship and collusion that must exist with the tool. Studio JBSB wants to meet both objectives: the use and the image.

Finger is identifiable by the oculus, which is part of the design on the different models and gives a strong identity to the collection. The layers of the line create a tight and rhythmic geometry.

Studio JBSB anticipated industrial constraints because of their extensive experience in this area. The implementation of a new collection requires considerable investment in the manufacture of the dies. The development of a collection must be to the tenth of a millimeter accurate.

Life cycle
A collection of cutlery carries enormous value and should last for generations. It is an outward sign of a pronounced taste for design as the culmination of a certain refinement. The collection "Finger" uses 18/10° steel.

Studio JBSB has reflected on the connection between the function, fork, spoon, knife and the handle ; they have worked on this link between the two essential parts of the cutlery to provide a new form of comfort for the knife and fork. At the request of Orfèvrerie de France, Studio JBSB has developed a single object combining the knife and spoon used for fish that has resulted in a softly flowing and innovative object.