Saint-Gobain Glass

"Builds your future"

The Flat Glass Division of Saint-Gobain, Saint-Gobain Vitrage, is firmly established and proactive in Europe and America. Its industrial capacity makes it the leading manufacturer of flat glass in Western Europe and a front runner worldwide.

Saint-Gobain Glass is the leading manufacturer of flat glass in Europe and a front runner worldwide. In addition, it is becoming one of the leading specialists in the creation of decorative glass. The launch of the glass tile collection "Feeling" is part of a process of market diversification in order to expand into new distribution channels.

Several teams from the Research and Development Center were mobilized on this project: Transparency and coloring the glass, silver plating, matting and patterning, high-precision cutting and shaping. The research also focused on the installation of glass tiling and has thus produced a product as easy to install as faience ; the entire process is patented.

With this collection Studio JBSB has created a completely new kind of glass tile whose transparency creates warm light in living spaces by using coloured glass as a decorative element. In addition, JBSB has remained sensitive to using products without heavy metals.

The smoothness and modernity of the Feelings Collection means that it suits any type of space: residential, commercial, hotels and restaurants, offices, museums. This innovative glass brings luminosity and a spacious sense of space to interiors. Due to its manufacturing process, it is as easy to install as traditional faience.

"Feeling" is the result of extensive work in the field of glass and its properties. Studio JBSB has helped define unique products by using to best effect the aesthetic characteristics and luminosity of glass.